Fake or real?


Do you prefer them fake or real – Christmas trees, that is.

It would appear that contrary to popular belief, real Christmas trees are actually more environmentally friendly than artificial ones.

Consider that artificial ones are generally made in the Far East (think of the air miles) and that they will have been made with a whole load of nasty chemicals.

Then, although they will be used for many years, when you eventually get fed up with it, it’ll take several hundred years to decompose in landfill.

Compare that to buying a proper tree:

  • Over 400 Christmas tree farms in the UK alone – so you should be able to buy one very local
  • A Christmas tree farm stabilises soil, protects water supplies and provides refuge for wildlife.
  • Supporting local farmers in planting trees for subsequent years – with all the benefits of having trees absorb CO2 etc
  • After Christmas, the tree can be mulched and put onto your garden, in your compost heap or given to the local council to turn into chippings etc. Even if disposed of in landfill, it takes a fraction of the time to decompose than an artifical tree does.

Then you just need to consider using LED Christmas lights which use a fraction of the electricity of normal lights and you’re a small way there to being slightly more environmentally conscious.


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