Company Secretary runs on vegetable oil


David Head, Company secretary, ruralnet|uk is now running his secondhand Peugeot 405 on a mixture of diesel and vegetable oil.

“Interestingly, it’s only older engines that will do this without modification, newer engines are too finely tuned and more modern fuel pumps have difficulty with vegetable oil’s viscosity”, says David.

He’s currently trying a mixture of 80% diesel 20% Sainsbury’s vegetable oil, but hopes to increase the mixture over time.

“First impressions are that the engine seems to run more smoothly than when on fossil diesel alone”, says David.


One Response to “Company Secretary runs on vegetable oil”

  1. pat shore Says:

    I understand bulk oil can be had from catering suppliers from the people who supply chinese restaurants.
    See also for full detail of the domestic vehicle’s options:

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