SavaPlug – make your fridge run more efficiently


Freezers and fridge/freezers are probably the single most expensive electrical appliance to run in the house. Fridge/Freezers cost on average between £55-£65 per year (*E.E.O. Data).

The SavaPlug was developed in conjunction with the Department of Energy and will make typical savings in electricity running costs of 20% when fitted to your domestic refrigeration.

The SavaPlug simply replaces the existing plug on the appliance.

When the thermostat on the appliance switches on the motor to pump the refrigerant around the system full power is required to start the motor. However, once the motor is running full power is no longer needed.

The SavaPlug senses this and reduces the flow of electricity to match the actual requirements. When the red light glows savings are being made.


One Response to “SavaPlug – make your fridge run more efficiently”

  1. duncan Says:

    Incidentally, I fitted one of these to our home fridge/freezer last year. The red light (indicating savings) has been on ever since – so either the SavaPlug is bust, or our fridge/freezer is incedibly energy-inefficient under normal operations.

    Dead easy to fit – just snip off the existing plug and wire in the SavaPlug in exactly the same way. Just check whether your appliance is compatible or not.

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