Reduce your carbon emissions to 5 tonnes a year


At his inaugural lecture on 3 October, RSA chairman Gerry Acher told us of his staggering 25 tonne personal carbon emissions. He launched the RSALimited ‘5 a year’ carbon challenge and for everyone to follow his lead to get their emissions down to five tonnes a year. To help get to grips with carbon emissions, they’ve built a tool, supported by ClimateCare, called CarbonDAQ.

Sign up and see how your personal emissions compare to the annual five tonne target, and to David Miliband, Jon Snow, Gerry Acher and others.


One Response to “Reduce your carbon emissions to 5 tonnes a year”

  1. duncan Says:

    Interestingly, I did the survey and it told me I (only!) produce 3.25 tonnes per year – I think because I hardly ever fly. Does that mean I can be complacent?

    The questions don’t come across as being particularly scientific though, do they? And what can I do with my current carbon credit of £10.57

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