Save money with an electrisave!


The electrisave is a simple device which simply clips around the live power cable coming from your meter box. It then monitors and displays:

  • how much electricity you are using and how much it is costing
  • how much you may be wasting
  • how much harmful CO2 you are contributing to the greenhouse effect.

No electrician required!


3 Responses to “Save money with an electrisave!”

  1. Simon Says:

    Perhaps we should buy two or three of these and lend them out for two weeks at a time so people can ‘learn’ how to save electricity before passing it on to the next person.

  2. duncan Says:

    Yes, I would agree with that. The electrisave, working alongside the power energy plug could really highlight where money could be saved.

  3. David Maddison Says:

    Yes I have the two working together and they’ve certainly highlighted quite a few places that we were leaking money. (for example, a sky+ box uses 40 watts (20 in standby), which means if you never turn it off (which I guess is most people), it’s using 40*24*365=350.4 Kwh.

    What’s even scarier is when you multiple that figure by the number of Sky+ subscribers (1.553 million).

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