Plant a tree: offset your carbon!


The CarbonNeutral Company enables individuals and businesses to compensate for their carbon emmissions through a range of ‘carbon-neutralising’ initiatives (planting trees, investing in future ‘green’ technologies etc).

• For as little as £26, you can offset the use of a medium-sized 1.4 litre car for one year.

• To soak up 1 short-haul flight, costs just under a fiver.


2 Responses to “Plant a tree: offset your carbon!”

  1. Simon Berry Says:

    I would like to be able to say that ruralnet|uk is a carbon neutral organisation but how can we trust these offset companies?

  2. Duncan Says:

    Its obviously a very easy way for organisations to theoretically exploit this area – what makes it worse is that you never get any physical goods in return for your money! However, in this case searching the web and general browsing, shows The Carbon Neutral Company is mentioned many times, with some impressive endorsements.

    Their website itself includes a big section on who has supported them which includes significant Government interest. They also have a big section on the projects they are supporting as well as a media area with articles about them from the press. They also commission a yearly, independent review of their carbon business, done by KPMG.

    Obviously its wise and healthy to be sceptical, but with a bit of research using websites, the press and perhaps seeing if they’re mentioned by Greenpeace/Friends of the Earth/Government, its fairly easy to gain additional reassurances.

    Alternatively, you could choose an organisation that you already know or are familiar with.

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