The Renewables Obligation


On the face of it, the likes of npower with their Juice energy plan looks quite impressive.

However, the UK Government has recently introduced the Renewables Obligation. This requires licensed electricity suppliers to source a specific and annually increasing percentage of the electricity they supply from renewable sources.

So all energy providers are having to offer ‘greener’ alternatives. Unfortunately, the likes of npower will still be investing in non-renewable sources of energy which rather diminishes their green credentials more>>

As always, not everything is quite as it seems…


One Response to “The Renewables Obligation”

  1. David Ellis Says:

    I used to be with npower Juice, but on reading about the fact that they are obliged by law to source a proportion of their generation from renewable sources (irrespective of how many Juice subscribers they have) I have now swithched to Good Energy Ltd. The website provides an excellent overview of each supplier’s green credentials.

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