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No matter how much (or little) you believe about the information we’re fed regarding global warming and mans impact on our little blue planet, it goes without saying that we all waste a huge amount of resources everyday. This includes energy (gas, electric, water); the results of using energy, such as heat, light and power as well as the physical products which we consume: paper, glass, plastic, card etc.

If we do believe everything we read and hear about the environmental damage which mankind is causing to our planet, then we are creating a situation that in a yet unspecified number of years could have cataclysmic consequences. Irreversible.

The above scenario doesn’t seem to be universally accepted and its unclear as to just how tragic the situation might be, but:
1) Should we take the risk in finding out?
2) Surely wasting resources also wastes money and time, which is not very clever as an effective and efficient business model.

With all of this in mind, ruralnet|uk has decided to try and alter its habits to become more environmentally aware and to develop a greener conscience. We feel that the green agenda is part of our overall corporate responsibility.


One Response to “Background info…”

  1. Simon Says:

    I am a believer in the global warming theory. But whether you are or not, the fact is that everyone in the world could not consume at the level that we do in Europe and the USA.

    If everyone in China wanted a car there wouldn’t be enough steel to build them.

    David Miliband’s concept (I think it’s his) of one planet living is a good one. To sustain current consumption levels we’d need 3 planets-worth of resources.

    This is scary simply from a global security point of view let alone global warming.

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